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Vladislav Davidzon is a professional in the industry of social responsibility and environmental impact. While based in San Francisco’s Bay Area, he specializes in developing brands with the mission of showing the people of the world how to reduce their carbon footprint. With 15 years of experience in business, Vladislav has participated in the the uplift of several companies dedicated to his personal mission.

Vladislav Davidzon’s Start in Business

High school marked the start of Vladislav’s interest in business as an entrepreneur. His first company began during his adolescent years. It was a consulting agency he started himself. He went on to continue his studies in business under Bill Mollison – the founder of Permaculture, Marshal Rosenberg – the founder of Non-violent Communication, and others.


In 1999, Vladislav Davidzon founded the world’s first carbon neutral web hosting company known as ThinkHost. This business provided hosting technology that was solely powered by renewable wind and solar energy. Today, another socially responsible company owns ThinkHost and continues to service thousands of customers.

Common Circle Expeditions & Sustainable Energy in Motion

As a way to introduce clients to communities dedicated to sustainable living and organic nutrition, Vladislav began bicycle touring company. He took all those interested on tours across the backroads or Hawaii and Oregon. This experience for many was a trigger to make major life changes for the better. Many people wanted a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle after participating in this activity.

Regenerative Leadership Institute

Vladislav saw the importance of restructuring the way permaculture was taught. He redesigned the traditional curriculum to make it more relevant to mainstream America. This new structure is taught in Vladislav Davidzon’s sustainable living and permaculture design school, the Regenerative Leadership Institute.


Aside from Vladislav Davidzon’s interest in business and dedication to social responsibility, he has several hobbies. When not exploring the world, he can be found biking, hiking, or exploring nature preserves. Vladislav can also speak three different languages.